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Northern Illinois Hunter/Jumper Association (NIHJA)

Riders, while reviewing the following show score results and point values, please be aware of the following rules:

- All ties for Champion and Reserve are broken by identifing the horse/rider having the most points over fences. In the case of a tie of over fences points, both horses/riders are awarded the extra ribbon and points.
- The half point rule states that Champion and Reserve places are only awarded to the two top riders/horses in a division having acquired at least 1/2 point over fences. Additionally, you must be one of the top four horses in total points after the two over fences classes to be eligible for either the champion or reserve award.
- In order to be eligible for Champion and Reserve award, the rider/horse MUST be entered in the entire division. NOTE: it is not necessary to ride in each class.
- In order for points from a class to count for a year-end award (and for Champion and Reserve points at that show), 3 riders must complete the course. For Medal classes, 4 riders must complete the course.
- Points associated with Champion and Reserve (20 and 12, respectively) are not used nor applied to the year end total for any of the equitation divisions, with the exception of Short and Long Stirrup.

If you have any points concerns, e-mail the Points Secretary.

Amateur Adult Equitation
Amateur Adult Hunter
Beginner Adult Equitation
Beginner Adult Hunter
Beginner Children's Equitation
Beginner Children's Hunter
Childrens' Hunter
Children's Medal
Combined Jumper
Junior/Amateur Jumper
Junior Equitation 14 & Under
Junior Equitation 15-17
Junior Hunter 14 & Under
Junior Hunter 15-17
Junior Medal
Limit Adult Equitation
Limit Adult Hunter
Limit Children's Equitation
Limit Children's Hunter
Large Working Hunter
Long Stirrup Equitation
Long Stirrup Hunter
Low Hunter
Low Training Jumper
Children's Mini Medal
Adult Mini Medal
Modified Adult Equitation
Modified Adult Hunter
Modified Children's Equitation
Modified Children's Hunter
Non-Pro Hunter
Non-Thoroughbred Hunter
Adult Hunter
Novice Working Hunter
Open Hunter
Pony Equitation
Pony Working Hunter
Pre-Green Hunter
Regular Working Hunter
Senior Medal
Small Hunter
Short Stirrup Equitation
Short Stirrup Hunter
Thoroughbred Hunter
Training Hunter
Training Jumper
High Point Horse

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About The Points
Points are recorded to determine the year-end placings. Points will only be recorded if the horse or rider, respectively, is a member of the association. After a horse show, the points secretary does not receive the points and memberships right away. Remember, patience is a virtue!
Champ Points
Championships yield extra points with the exception of Equitation divisions. Equitation championship points will not be awarded even if ribbons are awarded at the show. The only exception to this rule is Short and Long Sturrip.
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